Techtalia 2024 • Oct. 4–6

A Bold Future

Spend the weekend in Florence with tech, culture, and business leaders to explore the bold future we are creating together.

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Hosted at

Palazzo Guadagni
Strozzi Sacrati

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Techtalia is an annual event set in Italy to offer top leaders an inspirational break to learn, enjoy, and recharge.

Join us in the heart of Florence, a city that has long stood as a beacon of trade, finance, art, and culture during the Renaissance. Our theme, "A Bold Future," is designed to spark inspiring and intimate discussions across the intersections of culture, business, and technology.


Join us for thought provoking conversations

Mike Vorhaus
Founder, Vorhaus Advisors
Federico Marchetti
Founder of YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group
Elisa Rossi
Partner, Lumen Ventures
John Riccitiello
Former CEO, Unity & Electronic Arts
Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Producer, Transformers
Aslaug Magnusdottir
CMO, IvyPass
Tee Ganbold
Co-Founder & CEO, Improvability AI
Davide Fioranelli
Founder, Lumen Ventures
Olga Dogadkina
Founder & CEO, Emperia
Eugenio Giani
President of Tuscany
Damian Routley
COO, Founders Factory
Kit Merker
CEO, Plainsight Technologies
Chieh Huang
President, World Economic Forum's Global Collaboration Village
Jess Brodsky
Chief Commercial Officer, PlayerData
Alessandro Panerai
Director, Heritage Holdings
Stefano Rosso
Founder, D-Cave & CEO, Marni
Fulvio De Bonis
CEO & Co-Founder, Imago Artis Travel
Ben Charbit
CEO & Co-Founder, Darewise
Luke Alvarez
Founder & GP, Hiro Capital 
Claudio Bianchi
CIO, illycaffé
Gaia Roncalli
COO, Ecosmic
Charlie Gu
Deputy Publisher, Jing Daily
Michele Dallari
Co-Founder & CEO, Planckian
Jamie Grant
CEO, Carv
Frank Meehan
Chairman, Improvability AI
Marco Sala
Co-founder & CEO, Revolv Space
Jason Van der Schyff
CEO, Sirius AI 
Raffaele Mauro
Co-Founder & GP, Primo Space
Ari Jonsson
Chairman, Videntifier
Luca Gonnelli
Raymond Schillinger
Host, You Can't Unhear This
Nicholas Douzinas
Co-Founder, Ajuna Network
Pietro Caliceti
Partner, GreenbergTraurig LLP
More speakers to be announced this Summer!
Our 2024 Venue

Palazzo Guadagni Strozzi Sacrati

Techtalia will be hosted at the Palazzo Guadagni Strozzi Sacrati, the seat of the President of Tuscany. The palazzo was built in the early 17th century for the Strozzi family and is directly across from the iconic Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore in the center of Florence.

Experiences to Inspire

Santa Maria Novella Di Notte

Santa Maria Novella, one of the most beloved churches in Florence and the one that welcomes visitors to the city from all over the world, opens its doors to our guests to unveil its Renaissance treasures during an exclusive after-hours evening tour that includes Masaccio's Trinity, Giotto's Crucifix and the Strozzi Chapel.

Altra Club Dinner

Amazing food, conversations, music, and more! The "Altra Club" Dinner, inspired by Winston Churchill’s "Other Club" in London, will be held as usual at a secret and historic location. Last year we rocked out, danced with a live band, and this year, we aim to top it!

A Florentine Sunday

We have arranged a special artisan walking tour on Sunday morning, with some exciting surprises in store.

“Rome, Milan, Venice, and now Florence! Techtalia 2024 will immerse you in Florence's culture and history to inspire you to dream big about our bold future ahead. What better city to do it than the birthplace of the Renaissance?”

Gabriel Schillinger

Founder, Techtalia


Full Schedule And Speaker Lineup to be Announced This Summer
Friday, October 4th
Santa Maria Novella di Notte
For those arriving early we have arranged an exclusive and entirely private evening tour of Santa Maria Novella. This will be an informal evening for our guests to meet each other and get in the mood for Techtalia 2024.

Limited to 50 guests.
Saturday, October 5th
Meet and Greet Coffee + Welcome Remarks  
Italian cappuccino and pastries are the best in the world. Join us for coffee and light breakfast bites and meet your fellow attendees in the beautiful garden of Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati. Welcome remarks from Mr. Eugenio Giani, President of the Region of Tuscany.
Firenze's Humanism For Today's Times 
We have a preeminent art historian discussing the importance of the Renaissance in Florence, how it changed the world, and why its impact can still be felt today. Twenty minutes isn’t long enough to even touch the surface of this topic, so we hope this panel will push you to learn more and explore during your time in Florence.

Speaker: Fulvio De Bonis

Deep Tech Reality
Raffaele Mauro, joining us 5 times in a row, has moderated some of the most interesting conversations at Techtalia. This year, Raffaele and a fantastic group of deep tech founders will discuss innovation in energy, infrastructure, space, and more will make our wildest tech dreams come true. Sponsored by Primo Space.

Moderated by: Raffaele Mauro
Panelists: Michele Dallari, Gaia Roncali, and Marco Sala 
Federico Marchetti: From Fashion to Sustainability Through
Federico Marchetti is a digital innovator, sustainable fashion pioneer and Chair of The Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Fashion Taskforce founded by King Charles III. Join us as Federico discusses his story of founding YOOX, the world’s first lifestyle e-commerce destination, merging it with NET-A-PORTER before selling to Richemont, and how his journey inspired him to dedicate efforts inside and outside of his professional life to help solve the climate issues our world faces. This is a not to be missed fireside keynote.

Interviewed by: Gabriel Schillinger
Speaker: Federico Marchetti
Let's Get Visual: AI Video & Image Breakthroughs
Join the team from Videntifier as they guide us through their visual and image recognition innovation.

Moderated by: Tee Ganbold
Panelists: Ari Jónsson & Einar Sigurdsson
illycaffè: Where Tradition Meets Modern"AI"zation
Claudio Bianchi, Chief Information Officer of illy, will discuss the technological opportunities, including AI, for improving coffee quality, customer experience and making better decisions. To be followed by an illycaffè coffee tasting.

Interviewed by: Frank Meehan
Special Guest: Claudio Bianchi
Join us for a delicious lunch in Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati’s palatial reception room, steps away from Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.
Stories from the Silver Screen
Lorenzo di Bonaventura is a pioneering producer, who was the President of Worldwide Production at Warner Bros. Pictures, and is now based at Paramount Pictures. He is best known as the Producer of Transformers and at Warner Bros. was responsible for discovering The Matrix and purchasing the rights to Harry Potter. This will be an unforgettable talk, which will give you a behind the scenes look of what it takes to make a Hollywood film.

Interviewed by: Mike Vorhaus
Speaker: Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Quick Take: Algo for You
Luca Gonnelli from Algo will walk us through their new tech and the tidal wave of AI for creatives and designers.  

Interviewed by: Raymond Schillinger
Speaker: Luca Gonnelli
Where Is My Mind? Immersive Engagement
As brands compete for our attention, it becomes more and more important to create compelling immersive experiences to stand out. Join three founders working with the world’s top fashion and retail brands as they walk us through what the future holds in a world full of choices.

Moderated by: Chieh Huang
Panelists: Asluag Magnusdottir, Olga Dogadkina, Charlie Gu, and Stefano Rosso
Web3: It’s Finally Here, Right?
Join pioneering founders and investors of some of the top Web3 companies to give us a look inside where the Web3 world is heading.

Moderated by: Nicholas Douzinas
Panelists: Benjamin Charbit, and more to be announced this summer.
Take a break, chat with your new friends, and enjoy the beauty of Florence.
Oh, Hi! I'm an AI
Join Jason Van Der Schyff and Kit Merker as they discuss the changes in generative AI, visual AI, and how it can be applied to businesses in almost any sector.

Moderator: Jason Van Der Schyff
Speaker: Kit Merker
Venture Building in Italy and Beyond
Italy has a rich history as a cradle of innovation, gifting the world incredible inventions in areas spanning science, technology, the arts and fashion. Yet, only in recent years has Italy’s ambitions on the global startup stage begun to manifest. Join a fantastic lineup of experienced founders, corporates, and venture builders to discuss Italy’s innovation renaissance, and the opportunity for founders and corporates to create the next generation of category-defining technology ventures. Sponsored by Founders Factory.

Moderated by: Damian Routley
Panelists: Davide Fioranelli, and more to be announced this summer.
The Gamified Body: Turning Human Movement Into Data
As technology continues to advance the top founders are working on companies to understand how our bodies function at the highest levels. With these new advancements their products can help us unlock peak performance both mentally and physically and even extend our lives beyond what was possible even a few years ago. Join three top founders in sports technology and longevity to discuss how they are gamifying the human body. Sponsored By Hiro Capital.

Moderated by: Luke Alvarez
Panelists: Jess Brodsky, Jamie Grant, and Sam Cole
A Journey Through CEO Leadership
John Riccitiello has been at the helm of two of the most influential video games companies of all time: twice as CEO of Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) and most recently CEO of Unity (NYSE: U). In between his CEO tenures at EA, John co-founded Elevation Partners, with Bono - yes that Bono - among the team, to go after private equity investments in media and tech companies. Join us as John walks us through his story, offering insights into decision-making, innovation, adapting to rapid change as CEO, and what it is like to operate at the highest level in the tech industry.

Interviewed by: Mike Vorhaus
Speaker: John Riccitiello
Refresh and Recharge
Take a break and rest before our evening program.
The Altra Club Dinner
Inspired by Winston Churchill’s The Other Club, The Altra Club, is the dinner of the season, to let loose and enjoy thoughtful one on one conversations with speakers and your fellow attendees. This year we are hosting the Altra Club at a surprise venue in Florence. Drinks, music, conversation, and more!
Sunday, October 6th
A Florentine Sunday
Join us on an informative walking tour of Florence’s artisanal shops. Coffee and pastries will be served at a cafe prior to the start of the tour.

Limited to 50 guests.


Join us for Techtalia 2024!

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The joy of being in Italy dreaming about the future with those building it now.
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Florence, Italy
All meals during the event (lunch, breaks, and dinner)
Intimate Talks with audience limited to 100 people
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The joy of being in Italy dreaming about the future with those building it now.
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Special thanks to our sponsors

Hosted at

Palazzo Guadagni
Strozzi Sacrati

Media Sponsor