Techtalia 2023

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Techtalia 2023 was a success because of our amazing speakers, sponsors, and attendees.

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Techtalia is an annual event set in Italy to offer top leaders an inspirational break to learn, enjoy, and recharge.

We are thrilled to invite you to Venice, one of the most magical and historic cities in the world. Our theme, Courage and Curiosity, will guide intimate panel and keynote discussions at the intersection of culture, business, and technology.


Join us for thought provoking conversations

Giulia Maresca
Founder & CEO, Public Pressure
Mike Vorhaus
Founder, Vorhaus Advisors
Carlos Cashman
Francesca Versace
Founder & CCO, Public Pressure 
Stefano Rosso
Founder & CEO, D-Cave
Luke Alvarez
Founder & GP, Hiro Capital 
Masha Bucher
Founder & GP, Day One Ventures
Franck Nouyrigat
Co-Founder, Electis
Jason Van der Schyff
COO, Softiron 
Rebecca Barkin
CEO, Lamina1
Federico Dubini
Co-Founder, Enea Capital
Chi Nnadi
Founder & CEO, Mara
Fred Speirs
Co-Founder & CEO, SKNUPS
Nick Meyer
CEO, Provocative Science
Rick Allen
CEO, Viewlift
Luca Suma
Investment Director, Hiro Capital
Andrea Castiglione
Founder, Silent Unicorn
Dan Dan Li
Founder, PopShopLive
Benjamin Charbit
Founder & CEO, Life Beyond Studios
Diego De Nicola
Founder & CEO, School of Tomorrow
Kaya Tilev
Founder & CEO, Lava Labs
Marcin Kurc
Founder & CEO, Nobl9
Raffaele Mauro
Co-Founder & GP, Primo Space
Luca Turello
Head of Agronomy, Illy
David Long
Global Head of Investments, CV VC
Simon Crawford-Ash
Founder, Self Design
Niccolò Campolungo
Co-Founder, Litus AI
Ari Jonsson
Chairman, Videntifier
Veronica La Regina
Director General, Officina REV
Nicholas Douzinas
Co-Founder, Ajuna Network
Nicolas Gautier
Founder, Neue Education
Daniele Gregori
Chief Scientific Officer, E4 Computer Engineering
Roberto Carnicelli
Co-Founder & CEO, Eoliann
Francesco Boni
Vadim Rogovskiy
Co-Founder, Geek Ventures
Stefan Gheban
Co-Founder, Young Platform
Bobby Bhatia
Co-Founder, Tashi Network
Our 2023 Venue

Ca’ Foscari

Techtalia will be hosted at Ca’ Foscari, the epic gothic palazzo on Venice’s Grand Canal. Ca’ Foscari, was built in the 15th century, and is now the seat of Ca’ Foscari University merging the past with the future. Ca’ Foscari the perfect destination to host Techtalia 2023.

Experiences to Inspire

Basilica San Marco Di Notte

Join us as the sun begins to set, painting the landscape of Venice in unforgettable pink and orange hues. It’s going to be a glittering  experience, basking in the shimmering mosaics of San Marco, and one to get your "courage and curiosity" going!

Altra Club Dinner

Amazing food, conversation, music—and some surprises! The "Altra Club" Dinner, inspired by the "Other Club" in London, will be held as usual at a secret and historic location.

Breakfast With The Doge

The Palazzo Ducale, is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and was the seat of power during the Republic of Venice. We have arranged a very special private visit on Sunday morning.

"Venice is one of the most important Republics of all time, and now one of the capitals of art, film, and culture. As we enter our fourth edition of Techtalia, we can’t wait for you to join us!"

Gabriel Schillinger

Founder, Techtalia


Friday, October 6th
Pre-Techtalia Tour for those arriving early
For those arriving early we have arranged a private evening tour of the iconic Basilica San Marco. This will be an informal evening tour for our guests to meet each other and get in the mood for Techtalia 2023.
Saturday, October 7th
Meet and Greet Coffee, Welcome Remarks
Italian cappuccino and pastries are the best in the world. Join us for coffee and light breakfast bites and meet your fellow attendees at Ca’ Dolfin. At 10:20am, Professor Antonio Marcomini, Deputy-Rector Deputy-Rector delegate for Relations with territory, from Ca’ Foscari University will welcome us to their beautiful grounds
Why AI Will Take Over the World
AI is all the rage this year and for good reason. Join some of the top founders and funders of AI today in a discussion on why AI will take over the world. Sponsored by Vorhaus Advisors.

Moderator: Mike Vorhaus
Panelists: Ari Jonsson, Niccolo Campolungo, and Rick Allen
A Noble Journey
Marcin Kurc, CEO and co-founder of Nobl9, shares how his team made Google's reliability engineering approach accessible to enterprises like Ticketmaster, Fidelity, Cisco, ServiceNow, and many others. Despite uncontrollable setbacks like the pandemic, war, and global financial uncertainty, he focused on building a strong company culture, a customer-centric approach, and financial and managerial discipline.

Speaker: Marcin Kurc
Interviewed by: Franck Nouyrigat
Founders to Funders
Join 3 successful startup founders that have now switched sides as top investors and founders of their own VC funds. Learn how their journey has inspired their investment approach and why it sets them apart from the rest of the investment community.

Speaker: Andrea Castiglione
Interviewed by: Masha Bucher, Vadim Rogovskiy, and Federico Dubini
Web3 Gaming: Where do we go from here?
Scandal, financial reckoning, and truly arctic conditions have hit the world of Web3. Web3 includes crypto, decentralized finance, NFTs, gaming, and more. This panel sponsored by Ajuna Network will get into the nitty gritty of Web3 and why resilience and persistence of the founders and companies will lead to true success. Sponsored by Ajuna Network

Moderator: Nicholas Ajuna
Panelists: David Long, Kaya Tilev, and Benjamin Charbit
Join us for a delicious lunch in Ca Foscari’s historic courtyard right off the Grand Canal
The Space Between: Will the Western World Continue to Dominate Space?
Raffaele Mauro, joining us 4 years in a row, has moderated some of the most interesting conversations at Techtalia with founders solving challenges on and off our planet. This year, join Raffaele as he leads a group of space founders and executives on how the new space race will be fought and won. Sponsored by Primo Space.

Moderator: Raffaele Mauro
Panelists: Veronica La Regina and Roberto Carnicelli 
Spatial Computing, Metaverses, and Mixed Reality: Building the 3D Multiplayer Internet
The metaverse was one the top tech and gaming trends of 2021 and 2022. Mark Zuckerberg even changed Facebook’s corporate name to Meta. Join Luke Alvarez and a fantastic lineup on why the metaverse is here to stay and how spatial computing, mixed reality, and Apple Vision all point to building the 3D Multiplayer internet. Sponsored by Hiro Capital.

Moderator: Luke Alvarez
Panelists: Rebecca Barkin, Fred Speirs, and Luca Suma
The Quantum Revolution
Quantum computing is harnessing the laws of quantum mechanics to solve problems too complex for classical computing. What happens when Quantum leaves the realm of science fiction and enters into our daily lives? Sponsored by Softiron.

Moderator: Jason Van Der Schyff
Panelist: Daniele Gregori
Take a breather, chat with your new friends, and enjoy the beauty of our Venetian grounds. 
Physical Just Might Be the New Digital
The founders of Public Pressure, D-Cave, and PopShopLive will discuss their successes and failures in bringing digital first products to the physical world.

Moderator: Gabriel Schillinger
Panelists:  Giulia Maresca, Dan Dan Li, Stefano Rosso, and Francesca Versace
Digital Assets: Education Over Speculation
Join 3 founders of the top digital asset and crypto exchanges from the United Kingdom, Italy, and Nigeria. They are living proof that digital assets are not just some speculative fad. Learn how they are educating communities, governments, and business about the world of digital art, Layer 2 project creation, and more. 

Moderator: Nick Meyer
Panelists: Francesco Boni, Chi Nnadi, and Stefan Gheban
I'd Like Some AI with My Coffee, Please
This afternoon panel will be a fun and informative session on how illy uses AI to make the best coffee in the world even better. Join Luca Turello, illy’s Head of Agronomy, for this talking and tasting experience! 

Moderator: Gabriel Schillinger
Panelists: Luca Turello 
The Future of Learning
As AI, remote learning, and climate change all become realities, educational programs have mostly remained the same. That is until the last few years with new thought leaders and innovators have opened up schools that offer up different forms of learning. This panel will open up your mind to what is possible for the current and future generations of students.

Moderator: Nicolas Gautier
Panelists: Diego De Nicola, Simon Crawford-Ash
Fireside Keynote
Join us for an engaging fireside keynote with Carlos Cashman, Founder of is a consumer goods company that is reimagining how the world's most popular products can be made available to everyone Our discussion will touch on Carlos’ entrepreneurial journey as a serial successful founder and investor, and scaling, from $1m to $1b in revenue and raising billions of dollars to create the next generation of e-commerce.

Keynote: Carlos Cashman
Interviewed by: Gabriel Schillinger
Refresh and Recharge
Take a break, go on a gondola ride, and explore Venice before our evening program.
The Altra Club Dinner
Inspired by Winston Churchill’s The Other Club, The Altra Club, is the dinner of the season, to let loose and enjoy thoughtful one on one conversations with speakers and your fellow attendees. This year we are hosting the Altra Club at one the most exclusive venues in all of Venice. Drinks, music, conversation, and more!
Sunday, October 8th
Breakfast With The Doge
Techtalia’s cure for a late Venetian night out is a jolt of historical beauty and significance. Join our hosts for a private viewing of the Palazzo Ducale. Coffee and Cappuccinos will be served at the museum cafe.

Special thanks to our sponsors

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