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Spend the Weekend in Milan in conversation with tech, culture, and design leaders.

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October 8–9


Milan, Italy



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Techtalia is an annual event set in Italy to offer top leaders an inspirational break to learn, enjoy, and recharge.

We are thrilled to invite you to join this year in Milan. Our theme, Living The Future Now, will guide intimate panel and keynote discussions at the intersection of culture and technology.




Hosted at A.C.I. Milano Palazzo

Techtalia 2022 will be hosted at the headquarters of the Automobile Club Milano, which is a beautiful Palazzo, built in the 19th century located on Corso Venezia of the most beautiful and chic addresses  in Milan.

A.C. I. has played a strong role in the history of the automotive industry and Formula 1 in Italy, with a forward looking mission, which makes it the perfect venue for Techtalia 2022.


Experiences to Inspire

Altra Club Dinner

Amazing Food - Conversations - Music - and some surprises are in store! The "Altra Club" Dinner, inspired by the "Other Club" in London, will be held at one of the most beautiful privately owned Palazzo's in Milan. It's as Milanese chic as you can get!

Breakfast with Leonardo

You can't visit Milan without seeing Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper. We have arranged a private viewing of the masterpiece on Sunday morning with a light bite and cappuccino at a cafe nearby.
A Letter from Your Host

Milan is a city of hidden beauty. Join us and go behind the scenes of Milan’s palazzos and museums, while engaging in intimate conversations on how we are living the future now. 

Techtalia 2022 is not to be missed with a fantastic lineup of diverse speakers, incredible food, and inspiring experiences at locations across Milan.

Gabriel Schillinger

Founder, Techtalia


Final schedule to be announced the first week of September.
All times in Central European Time.

October 8th, 2022

Meet & Greet Coffee


Italian cappuccino and pastries are the best in the world. We won’t let you down. Join us for coffee and light snacks and meet your fellow attendees before Techtalia 2022 begins.

The Metaverse: What it is and why should you care?


From Jules Verne to Philip K. Dick to Neal Stephenson, science fiction has sold us the idea of living in a world other than the one we inhabit today - either real, virtual, or somewhere in between. The latest formulation of this concept, the Metaverse, has spilled over from sci-fi into the mainstream and could pose a paradigm shift for nearly everything. Join some of the top creative technologists today in a discussion on the Metaverse and what it means for our world, business, and culture. 

Moderator: Mike Vorhaus
Panelists: To be announced August 15th.

Reimagining First Principles through Deep Tech


Raffaele Mauro, joining us three years in a row, has moderated some of the most interesting conversations at Techtalia with founders solving hard technical and engineering challenges on and off our planet. This year, join Raffaele on a journey into the minds and visions of some of the top deep tech founders in Europe. Learn how they solve problems from first principles thinking to accomplish their goals and why they believe deep tech is crucial to humanity's future.  

Moderator: Raffaele Mauro
Panelists: To be announced August 15th.

The Future of Harvesting


Humanity has cultivated the planet for thousands of years to provide sustenance. As we face the growing threat of climate change, the cultivation of crops is changing drastically. Join Luca Travaglini, as he walks us through his journey in creating Planet Farms, one of the top global vertical farming companies, and explains how the world not only revolves on what you eat, but how it is produced, and distributed.

Luca Travaglini, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Planet Farms
Interviewed by: Gabriel Schillinger



Join us for a delicious lunch in ACI Milano's beautiful "Giardino d'Inverno."

The Future of Mobility, Now!


The automotive industry is currently going through a thrilling time, as the industry balances a "green transition" while simultaneously facing a logistical and supply chain nightmare. In the world of motorsport, racing has continued to play its role of leading technology to steer a safer and more sustainable world of mobility. Thanks to ACI Milano, this panel discussion will explore the future of mobility in cities and in sport, and what is being done to move past the bottlenecks we are facing today.

Moderator: To be announced August 15th.
Panelists: To be announced August 15th.

Where are we in Crypto?


If there is one industry that has gone through a huge reckoning over the past year, it’s crypto. Will this tumult be the ‘early aughts moment’ for the industry? Where do we go from here? Join founders from the world of Web3, discussing what’s ahead for NFTs, DeFi, and more.

Moderated by: To be announced August 15th.
Panelists: To be announced August 15th.

It’s Getting Hot in Here….Give Us Solutions!


This past year has been one of the hottest ever on record. From NYC to London to Milan, cities across the world have struggled to cope with the climate change-driven ‘new normal’. Perhaps it’s good for the gelato shop, but not for humanity! Hear from founders of companies that are using innovation to address humanity's greatest existential threat.

Moderated by: To be announced August 15th.
Panelists: To be announced August 15th.



Take a breather, enjoy a bit of time speaking with other attendees, and get your photo taken in front of the cars on display at ACI Milano. 

Personal Stories from the C-Suite: Diversity & Inclusion


As we continue to ensure our workplaces in the modern world are diverse and representative, it is essential to hear from leaders about what is working - and what isn’t. Our panelists will share stories from their journeys to the C-Suite and how we can ensure meaningful, lasting inclusion for current and future generations.

Moderator: To be announced August 15th
Panelists: To be announced August 15th.

Designer Drugs, Babies, and More: Biotech and You


The world of biotech, which sometimes seems more science fiction than reality, has entered into a new golden age. But at what cost? Join an intimate discussion of the advancements and ethics of biotech breakthroughs and how it relates to your health

Moderator: Dr Brent Schillinger
Panelists: To be announced August 15th.

Surprise Panel


More details to come!

Moderator: To be announced August 15th.
Panelists: To be announced August 15th.

Keynote Fireside 2022


Moderator: To be announced August 15th.
Panelists: To be announced August 15th.

Refresh & Recharge


Take a break and rest before our evening program. Make sure to dress up for dinner!!

The Altra Club Dinner


Inspired by Winston Churchill’s The Other Club, The Altra Club, is the dinner of the season, to let loose and enjoy thoughtful one on one conversations with speakers and your fellow attendees. This year we are hosting the Altra Club at one the most exclusive Palazzos in all of Italy. Drinks, music, conversation, and more! 

Dress Code: Please dress up, no t-shirts, no shorts, Italian Chic!

*****Secret Location to be announced during Techtalia********

October 9th, 2022

Breakfast with Leonardo


Techtalia’s cure for a late night out is a jolt of true cultural inspiration. Join our hosts for a private viewing of the Last Supper. Light bites at a cafe next door. 



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• The joy of being in Italy discussing about the future with those building it now!

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